Tasklist Via Mail

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This is a simple way to get a to-do list via email, using taskwarrior to set items, and heirloom-mailx to send the mail. Via cron, it's simple to have the mail in out mailbox. Read infos on taskwarrior on the site:http://www.taskwarrior.org. As the site explains, "Taskwarrior is a command-line todo list manager. It maintains a task list, allowing you to add/remove, and otherwise manipulate your tasks. Task has a rich set of subcommands that allow you to do sophisticated things. You'll find it has customizable reports, charts, GTD features, device synching, documentation, extensions, themes, holiday files and much more".

# with task and heirloom-mailx installed, you can be advised when you want
# with a mail containing your task list
task list > /home/me/tasklist.txt
heirloom-mailx -r "pc@yourdomain.org" -s "My task list" -
S smtp=mail.yourprovider.it you@domain.org < /home/me/tasklist.txt
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