Revive The Dreambox 7000S

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Hi there dreamers. I recently updated my firmware with the kazza 05/01 image. all went well flashed+reprogrammed etc. but when i rebooted the dream multimedia came up on the display with the backlight as usual. but then it just hangs itself there. i have also tried doing a serial upload with no luck as the program just says loading boot sequence or something like that. I have search shyte loads of forums with no luck as half of the time i can't understand the foreigners. Cheers


Hey did you remember to press UP button when Dream logo comes on after boot and then hold in UP button until erase appears in Dreambox display. Also with the DreamUp program via serial sometimes you have to click Flash 2 times and select the image file, before it actually starts the UL of the image.. again remember to do what I wrote first after UL is all completed.


Does sound as if you need to ensure you have a clean start before you flash.

Hicksy is on a distinguished road I have tried using the up button trick with no luck. It just sits on Dream Multimedia.


Remove power cable from Dreambox. Connect serial cable between Dreambox and PC. Start DreamUp and power on Dreambox when it says so. Click flash and select image, if you do not see a progress bar click flash once again and select image again and it will start. After it's all finished, remove serial cable and remove power from Dreambox. Now power on Dreambox again and as soon as you see the Dream logo press UP and hold it in to you see Erase and then let go and wait 1-2 minutes and it should boot ok (if it does not try once the whole thing again) Also remove any USB sticks you might have in the box.


DreamUp won't let me do anything with the Dreambox but the program is communicating fine with it. So I have come to the conclusion that the boot loader has been corrupted so I'll just send it back to the shop. As it is only 2 months old. Thnaks for your help anyway. hemertje is on a distinguished road when you started dreamup you need to shut the power off and on... now dreamup starts the flashing....


I have similar problem with Dreambox. Flashing and erasing done right but cannot boot, or after restarting hangout on booting. Then I realise after switcing off Dreambox disconnecting antenna cable and switcing on Dreambox boot without problem. Switch to standby and reconnect the antenna cable. Strange thing but works. Best regards


Same probleme After Flash using serial only Dreamup 2.14b of many xxx.img including "ERASE.IMG" and "rebooting the DM7000s and holding the up arrow until flash complete / or not. the Dox always hang at "Choose your Language" on TV While serial port monitoring using hyper terminal show a loop on [eTimerManager] wait for clock update ... PS1: It has work fine yesterday, i powerdown cleanly using remote command and this morning. It power up on the last channel i saw and it was impossible to change channels. So i decide to reflash it ( bad idea ? ) PS2: I am using an old HD inside ( no i can't be ) can't be ???


After flashing new image, turn off power, shut down all programs on the PC, and disconnect all cables from the Dreambox. Then just connect to dish, tv, and mains, then power on, and all will be working.

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